Father’s Day is around the corner! If you don’t keep in touch with your dad often, this day might be the best chance to finally catch up and show that you love and care for him by gifting something thoughtful and special. 

If your dad is a foodie, he will definitely enjoy a selection of gourmet sweets that you can add to the main gift or even a standalone sweets & snacks basket. 

  1. Talty Protein Bars 

Why are Talty Protein Bars the perfect gift for Father’s Day? They are the healthiest snack you can find out there! No sugar, no soy, no GMO, no gluten. Instead of all the bad stuff, Talty protein bars contain fruits and nuts and have a mouth-watering chewy texture. Don’t worry about these protein bars getting your dad’s cholesterol levels up. They will only give him healthy energy to enjoy the day! Order different tastes so that your father can try all of them: chocolate and coconut, peanut butter and jelly, apple strudel

Order any pack of Talty Protein Bars for $15.99

  1. Wafers and Macaron Cookies

If your dad likes gourmet sweets or you just want to surprise him with a fancy dessert, order these sweet snacks imported from Europe by 360 World Snacks: Biscottelli Wafer Cookies or Biscottelli Macaron Cookies all come in different tastes. Get your dad something exotic like lemon cream and hazelnut or good old favorites like vanilla and cocoa. Let him choose a perfect cookie taste. Don’t miss an opportunity to ask him about his favorite. 

Order Biscottelli Wafer Cookies for $8.99.

Order Biscottelli Macaron Cookies for $8.99.

  1. 100 CALORIE Snacks Variety Pack

The best way to motivate your dad to start eating healthier is to prove to him that healthy eating is not that bad. It can be tasty if you find low-calorie food that you like! This snack pack can be a perfect starter for him. It includes 15 different snack brands, each bag 100 calories or less. Your dad will be able to choose the best option!

Order 100 CALORIE Snacks Variety Pack for $32.49

  1. David’s Cookies 

Chocolate Chip Brownies and Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Sounds like a sugar comma. But hey, isn’t Father’s Day only once a year? So you might as well get this custom cookie basket to treat your dad. He deserves it.

Order David’s Cookies for $36.95. 

  1. Healthy Snacks Care Package 

Your dad will go nuts for this 20 nut snack pack combo 🙂 It is a gift for a real nut lover. If you know that your dad likes nuts, hurry up and go for it. 

Buy Healthy Snacks Care Package for $33.50. 

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