Did you know that protein bars were designed in the 1960s to provide energy for astronauts in a convenient form? The shortage of food that people would be able to consume in space was one of the most critical tasks NASA faced. So the protein bars were made! They could fill the astronauts with essential energy and didn’t require much effort to consume. 

Thank God, we can all enjoy protein bars now and they’re not for astronauts only. In fact, a protein bar is by far the best snack for any busy female entrepreneur or corporate worker. Even when you’re working from home, there is still not enough time to cook a high-protein meal yourself. 

If you’re looking for a reliable brand that produces healthy gut-friendly protein bars, try Talty Protein Bars. They’re super nutritious and contain virtually no bad stuff like GMO, soy, added sugars, gluten. They make a convenient healthy snack you can have between the meals, while you’re driving to the office or picking kids up from school. There are several tastes to choose from! Peanut butter, fig & cashew, coconut, apple strudel. They’re all yummy so get yourself a box of each taste to try!

Benefits of protein bars

  • Stick to a healthy lifestyle

Protein bars are nutritious and contain an outrageous amount of essential ingredients, including minerals and vitamins. That’s why many athletes prefer consuming protein bars as a source of nutrients right after a workout. One Talty Protein Bar contains 13 grams of pure protein!

  • Lose weight more efficiently

High-protein dieters know that protein bars make some of the most effective snacks as they allow you to stick to a certain protein intake amount and track it daily. High-protein diets prevent overeating while protein bars help gain muscles instead of just losing fat or water. They also reduce hunger and curb appetite. 

  • The best meal replacement

There is more harm in eating fast food during lunch than having a protein bar. Of course, substituting meals with protein bars constantly is a bad decision. But if it’s not often and you’re picking between fast food and a protein bar, the latter will be a much healthier choice. Protein bars contain essential minerals and vitamins and the lowest amount of carbs compared to any fast food option you can get. 

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