Nobody’s perfect, right? For this reason, you shouldn’t come down too heavily on your employees when they make mistakes in your business. You shouldn’t be quick to place the blame on them either. In fact, there are some instances where you could be responsible for their failings.

How so?

Well, while we don’t want to point the finger of blame at you, you do need to ask yourself:

Am I to blame for my employees’ mistakes?

If the following are true, you might be. 

#1: You haven’t provided the training your employees need

If your employees aren’t equipped to manage their roles and responsibilities, then it’s understandable that they might mistakes occasionally. This is especially true for those tasks that they have little experience of, as they can’t be expected to automatically have the knowledge and skills they need. 

As the employer, you should assess your employees’ training needs and meet them. You can do this by attaching them to more experienced employees within your business. Or you could bring in an outside training facilitator. You could even implement a learning management platform akin to the one at By taking any of these steps, you will give your employees the tools to do their jobs effectively. 

#2: You are burning out your employees

Yes, you are paying your employees to work, but you don’t want to overwork them. Like you, they are only human and are not autonomous worker drones that can keep going with the aid of a Duracell battery. If you do push them to their limits, they will start to get exhausted, and in their tiredness, they will start to make more mistakes. 

So, make sure your employees have sufficient break times. Reduce the need for overtime. And perhaps automate some of your employees’ key tasks so they have less to manage each day. By taking these steps, your employees will have more energy, be more productive, and will be less prone to making mistakes.

#3: You aren’t making your employees happy

Why should you make your employees happy? Surely a paycheck at the end of each month is enough for them? Well, here’s the thing. If your employees aren’t happy, they might be more prone to making mistakes. This is because they could start to care less about their work if they don’t feel valued or rewarded, and they might make mistakes purposefully or accidentally. As the employer, you need to do all you can to motivate your employees to do better, and one of the ways to do this is to make them feel happier. 

So, going beyond giving them a paycheck each month, do more to improve their day. Give them recognition when it is due. Reward them with an improved break room. Provide opportunities for growth and promotion. And deal with any issues that are causing them worry or anxiety.

A happy employee is a productive employee, with the motivation to work more diligently for you.

And so…

Could you be to blame for your employees’ mistakes? You might be if any of the suggestions we discussed apply to your business. Keep these things in mind the next time a mistake is made, and before you get angry at your employees, consider what you may have done to cause them to fail. It might be that the fault doesn’t lie with you at all, but then again, you might be to blame in some way. 


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