After the devastation of the covid-19 pandemic, many individuals are left with no job and no income or hope. According to statistics, 60% of business closures during 2020 were due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of families, lost their only means of generating an income to support themselves. It became apparent that economies across the globe could not sustain these regulations and restrictions. It’s not all bad news, though; consumer behavior quickly shifted to a more digital customer experience due to these restrictions. This was mainly due to people’s concern over their health and the coronavirus pandemic. This article will look at four new careers forged by digital businesses and eCommerce trends. 

1 Digital Marketing Consultants 

For businesses getting used to the new economic climate and a new way of selling products, it’s not that simple. Digital marketing is something most individuals won’t ever look at doing, just because they think it’s more complicated than it really is. So businesses are hiring enthusiastic entrepreneurs efficient in marketing on platforms such as Google Ads and Social Media Marketing. These platforms make marketing and reaching the correct target audience much more effortless. By doing a short course in marketing, you might just obtain the knowledge to generate leads and sales for businesses and get paid for it. 

2 Software Developers

As businesses start focusing more and more on digital platforms, they’ll most likely need the services of software and web developers. These fields are highly sought after and can assist businesses with a transformation into the digital age. Whether it’s developing mobile apps, simple websites, or even eCommerce websites, developers would be able to offer you a fully integrated platform. In addition, you can easily start doing courses on platforms such as WordPress to assist business entrepreneurs with their digital goals.

3 In-Store Shopper

People have become accustomed to shopping online and getting their goods delivered to their front door. This means opportunities will be created for delivery, marketing, and even in-store shopper jobs like instacart. These jobs have been created by the need of businesses to supply customers with a streamlined business experience. The more online grocery shopping will grow, the more jobs will be available to individuals across the globe. 

4 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are used mainly by corporate companies that don’t necessarily need their assistants in the office. These virtual assistants are a work-from-home career, and you can quickly join video conferences, schedule appointments, and manage calendars from home. Technology has made this possible, and if you understand how the latest technology in computing works, this might just suit your needs. 

These are only a few of the many jobs made possible by the eCommerce industry and have reimagined how you can earn money. This gives a newfound hope for people all across the globe by being able to apply for jobs that didn’t necessarily exist before the pandemic. It also blazes the trail for more remote jobs to follow, ensuring that anyone with a skillset will be able to secure themselves a steady income. 


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