The Hustle is Female (or as we call it THIF) is the online magazine for ambitious women.
We provide you with modern tools, creative ideas, guidance, and inspiration on your path to success. If you don’t have a support system, a friend, a mentor, a team that motivates you to follow your passions, we are here for you. Women following our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and website can find the advice on gaining financial freedom and independence in whatever form it may be – building a business, saving for retirement, applying for mortgage, starting a blog, raising kids alone or dividing responsibilities with a partner. We know how lonely it feels to be a female with ambitions on a thorny road to success these days. We’ve been on it. In fact, we’re still on it. And we’re doing it because we don’t want to give our readers a single chance to give up on their dreams.

Our Team


Bozhena Sheremeta
Founder&Chief Editor
Bozhena launched THIF after quitting her career in the tech industry. She’s faced so much sexism, ageism, and misogyny while working in tech that she decided to create a platform that would reinforce women’s confidence to follow their ambitions and willingness to collaborate with other women in business, not just compete. What started as articles on Bozhena’s personal blog, turned into a 55K-follower strong Facebook community in less than a year. Bozhena hates multitasking but since THIF is a startup still, she’s doing it all. When she’s not replying to your email, she might be researching new content ideas for our Pinterest or giving an interview to yet another podcast for women where she urges all females of the world to never give up on their dreams (and also regain trust in the power of sisterhood). Or she just might be watching an ASMR video to calm her stressful self down. Selfcare, duh!

Maryna Tymchenko
Maryna is responsible for producing bright and engaging graphics for the TheHustleIsFemale. When she is not editing multiple files in Photoshop, she is trying to finish her Master’s in International Relations and even go to the gym every now and then. Her passion for art and design is almost as great as her love for chocolate ice cream, Beyonce, and sitcoms.